Are you looking for a special way to surprise Dad this Father’s Day? I have complied a list for you (your welcome!) of the best pancake ideas that I found on the internet.  Dad does so much to help the family and he really knows how to bring home the bacon!  So that leads me to our first pancake idea for Father’s Day this year!

1. Bacon Pancakes

What dad doesn’t love bacon honestly? We all know our big hungry guys love to eat bacon for breakfast, so why not combine it right into the pancakes!  Here is a recipe for Bacon Pancakes that I think looks fabulous!  I will certainly be giving this one a try in the near future!

2. Man Cake- Pancakes!

Ok, the name on these is pretty hilarious!  If you want to up your Bacon Pancake game, try this recipe which adds another of Dad’s favorite things…BEER! Pancakes, Bacon, and Beer, well I know that sounds right up my guy’s alley!  Let me know how this one turn out!

3. Bourbon Maple Pancakes

So, if dad isn’t a beer guy, maybe this recipe for Bourbon Maple Pancakes would suit him better. This recipe sounds a lot more fancy than the pancakes I typically make for my husband so I’m sure being the foodie that he is, he would enjoy this fresh take on pancakes.

4. Powdered Sugar Stencil Pancakes

If you are looking for a way to get a little more creative, (and Delicious if you ask me), give this pancake idea a try!  All you do is make a normal pancakes and put a letter cut out on top of your pancake and then sprinkle with powdered sugar.  Then present it to Dad, and your done! BAM easy, impressive, delicious!  Could you ask for anything more?  Well, actually, you could try this next pancake idea to impress Dad!

5. Dad Letter Pancakes

So the skill level is increasing here, but I still think you Momma’s out there can handle it!  If you have a squirt bottle you can use it to form the letters D-A-D and shape your pancakes into a delicious dish Dad will love.  It might be cute to get some of dad’s favorite color sprinkles to add to the plate or add them right into your batter before you cook them.

6. The Father’s Day Tie

What is more symbolic of Father’s Day than a tie?  I can’t think of anything else! Well if you have a creative streak you can try and make the “tie” pancake for dad.  It looks fairly self-explanatory; you do the outline and then you fill it in.  I think a squirt bottle would probably be the easiest way to achieve this look. If this goes well, you could get really adventurous and try to make other “dad themed” shapes.

7. The Tool Shaped Pancakes

Ok here’s where I tap out, I think my tool shaped pancakes would turn out looking like a Pinterest Fail for sure! It’s a super cute idea if you have the skill set to pull this one off!

8. Football Shaped Pancakes

So, while we are trying to make shaped pancakes, why not try daddy’s favorite sport?  This one was pretty easy to shape.  Then you can just use some frosting or icing to make the football laces. This is the one I did.  Not exactly the easiest thing to do, but pretty worth it to see Dad’s smile! You can check out my full video tutorial at:

9. Mustache Pancakes

Mustaches are kind of all the rage right now!  If your guy likes or has a mustache then maybe this would be a fun pancake idea to try!  Plus, you can add extra chocolate frosting to your pancake to add the mustache and extra deliciousness! Most of these pancake ideas are something that Momma probably needs to do.  If you are looking for something fun, and easy and perfect for the kids to help with, check out our last Father’s Day pancake idea!

10. Pancake Presents I Love You So
Much Pancake Mold

Pancake Mold, Love you, I Love you pancakes

So, if you have one of these awesome molds you can make easy, fun pancakes for Dad that the kids can help with! These pancakes express exactly what you are trying to say to Dad this Father’s Day! If you don’t have one you can buy yours today at:

You can visit our website for how to videos and more! Any questions or comments I’m always available to help! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it! Thanks for reading!  I would love to see any creative pancakes that you make!  Share any of your pancakes from this 10 Father’s Day Pancake Ideas blog post on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram. We love pancakes of all shapes, sizes and recipes!  So, lets start a fun sharing community of pancake ideas!


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